eDNA Testing Kit – Fast Track Analysis (5 – 7 working day turnaround)

£249.00 (Excluding VAT, shipping and return)

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Fast Track kit price: 1 – 99 = £249.00 (+ VAT & Shipping)
100 + kits = £219.00 (+ VAT & Shipping).

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  • Samples need to be returned to Fera by the Friday prior to your selected analysis week to ensure analysis is guaranteed and your results are reported on time.
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1 kit is required per 1-hectare pond. For larger ponds (over 1 hectare) it is advised that you use multiple kits.


Weight: 500g
Product Details: 158 x 100 x 127mm

Once samples are taken, your box containing 6 preserved sub-samples should immediately be returned to the laboratory for analysis. If this is not possible or you are batching samples to return in a group, they should be refrigerated at 2-4°C in a cool box or fridge.

Kits can be stored for up to one month in a refrigerator before analysis. Do not freeze samples as this may damage storage bottles, which can lead to leaking during transit. Avoid leaving samples in direct sunlight as this can speed up degradation of the sample.

Kit Contents

Each sampling kit contains:

    1. 1 x blue 30ml ladle – to collect the pondwater
      1 x freestanding Whirl-Pak bag – to mix your samples
      2 x blue gloves – to avoid contamination at different stages of taking the sample
      1 x test kit box – this contains your tubes
      6 x 50ml tubes – this will be filled with 35ml of mostly ethanol when you receive it, to help preserve the DNA
      1 x sterile pipette – this is so you can transfer 15ml of pond water from your Whirl-Pak to each of the 50ml tubes, ready to return to the lab for testing
      1 x re-sealable bag – to put your box in before you return it to the lab. This reduces the risk of contamination if a bottle leaks in transit
      1 x set of sampling instructions – following the Natural England guidelines
    2. 2 x zip-ties – for attaching the ladle to a pole for sampling difficult to reach water

Courier delivery from Fera is by DHL and kits will normally be dispatched up to 2 weeks before your selected analysis week. Delivery is charged at £25 each way (excluding VAT for 1 box containing up to 25 kits). Please be aware that samples must be returned to Fera on the Friday prior to your analysis week.

If you require your kits as soon as possible, please note the earliest delivery will be 2 working days from your order date on orders placed before 3pm. Orders placed after 3pm will be dispatched 2 working days after the order date and should arrive within 3 working days. Weekend deliveries are not available. Please note Bank Holiday weekends will affect delivery.

Please be aware if you are ordering multiple analysis weeks in 1 order you may be contacted by our Support team about additional shipping costs, depending on your return dates.

Deliveries to and from Scotland and Northern Ireland will need to be arranged via the Fera eDNA team – please call us on 01904 462324.

Returning your samples

Once you have taken the samples and are ready to return them to Fera, please follow the instructions provided in the box and call DHL to arrange a collection time that suits you. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange the return courier.

Alternatively, if you are local to Fera, you can collect and drop off your kits. You can collect an order placed before 3pm on the next working day from Fera (orders will be available for collection after 3pm). If you prefer to arrange your own return courier to Fera, this is at your own risk and they must be licensed to carry dangerous goods in limited quantities. The 6 sample tubes must be returned in the original kit box (dimensions: L 158mm x W 100mm x H 127mm) and securely packaged in an outer box.

Overview – eDNA Testing Kit

eDNA testing uses the latest techniques to detect the presence or absence of great crested newts. eDNA turns traditional testing on its head by testing the environment the organsim lives in rather than searching for the organism itself. Natural England has approved the testing of pond water by eDNA as a method for assessing the presence of great crested newts during the breeding season. If the testing is carried out in support of a licence application samples are best collected between mid-April and the end of June. Find out what’s included in a kit in our handy FAQs

The Difference eDNA can make

The traditional newt surveying testing method before this new ground-breaking technique would mean visiting all ponds within 250 metres of a new development at least four times searching for newts during night with torch lights and using bottle traps for live capture which is time consuming and costly. Our Fast Track service is a cost effective alternative and can you get you results within just 5 – 7 working days from the start of your selected analysis week.

Our analyses follow the Natural England protocol. Three types of results may be presented in our reports:

Positive Results

A positive result means that eDNA from great crested newts was detected in the sample provided.

Negative Results

DNA from the species was not detected so no further sampling is required; we further test the DNA extract for PCR inhibitors and degradation of the sample to ensure a conclusive result.

Inconclusive Results

On very rare occasions we will issue an inconclusive result. This is because we have not detected the presence of great crested newt DNA in a sample, and controls show that the sample has been degraded (usually through poor storage) or the test inhibited (usually by unexpected chemicals present in the sample). To enable a re-test to be performed, another sample would need to be taken, however, if the chemical composition of the water caused the problem the re-test may also give an inconclusive result. As the sample will have been fully analysed, please note the full charge will still apply.

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