Fera again achieves excellent score in the 2022 environmental DNA proficiency test

Fera has participated in each round of the environmental DNA proficiency test scheme since it was introduced in 2017. After participating in the test this year, Fera has scored another perfectly compliant result in 2022 and is described as ‘fully compliant’. All 10 blind samples, which included positive, negative and inhibited results, were correctly identified.

The environmental DNA proficiency test allows Natural England to understand the performance of UK laboratories providing an analytical service and will only accept eDNA results from laboratories that participate. Fera takes pride in the quality of its service and go to great lengths to avoid contamination that could result in lab-based false positives. Our eDNA facilities comprise of 6 separate laboratories and have been specially designed to ensure a unidirectional workflow to avoid contamination at every stage of the process.

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