Environmental DNA Proficiency Test

Our quality assurance and experience make us the partner of choice for ecologists needing accurate and timely results. Our eDNA analysis adheres to Natural England’s protocol, so you can trust in our results.

Why is proficiency testing important?

Proficiency testing is an essential part of laboratory quality procedure, designed to provide evidence of the robustness of the testing to ensure that excellent quality service is delivered to customers.

Fera will be taking part in the 2022 proficiency testing scheme with results expected by mid February.

We take pride in the quality of our service and go to great lengths to avoid contamination that could result in lab-based false positives. Our eDNA facilities comprise 6 separate laboratories and have been specially designed to ensure a unidirectional work flow to avoid contamination at every stage of the process.

With standard and fast-track kits available, eDNA testing with Fera is a timely and cost-effective service. We have delivered 1000s of samples since the test’s introduction, so you can trust our experts.

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