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What is eDNA?

Environmental DNA (eDNA) refers to the genetic material given off by any organism into its environment. Environmental samples can be extracted from soil, water, or faeces, without having to isolate the target organism. In the case of great crested newts, extractable DNA could be skin cells, mucus, sperm, eggs, or faeces released into ponds. The DNA given off into the water can persist for several weeks, allowing for its presence to be tested for in water samples.

Why is eDNA performed?

As a protected species, it is prohibited by law to deliberately disturb, obstruct or destroy the habitats of great crested newts. Great crested newt surveys are therefore required for development projects that could potentially endanger the species.

eDNA is a methodology of testing for the presence or absence or newts by analysis of the DNA identified in an environmental sample. For the detection of newts, ponds are frequently tested during the breeding season.

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great crested newts, newt, edna testingGreat crested newts are a protected species in the UK. Survey reports and mitigation plans are required for development projects that could affect protected species, therefore, the presence or absence of newts must be proven via regular surveying.

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